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Thanks to a school counselor at James Madison High School in Virginia, we are phasing out the title guidance counselor on our website. We hope to move this trend forward.

We got a great email from a school counselor at James Madison High School in Virginia. In her thoughtful message, she mentioned that she’s a regular reader of our college admissions blog and uses our website as a great resource. That always makes us happy. She also made a request, one we promise to honor. Throughout our website, we’ve always referred to high school counselors as guidance counselors. Our Founder, Bev Taylor, was a guidance counselor on Long Island for many years and although her focus was always on college counseling, her job title was guidance counselor. The school counselor at James Madison High School asked if we could refer to this position going forward as school counselors since the title of guidance counseleor has become somewhat outdated.

We will absolutely honor this request going forward. She’s right. While there are many high schools across America at which school counselors also have non-college counseling responsibilities, the title of school counselor is frankly just more appropriate than guidance counselor. The guidance counselor title is lame. It’s as though the whole job consists of dispensing guidance.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Like Bill O’Reilly recently did when he acknowledged he was wrong to accuse Democrats of not inviting Republicans to the 50th anniversary celebration of the historic March on Washington (they were invited as it turns out — they just didn’t attend), we acknowledge our error. We have been using an antiquated term for too long. Guidance counselor is out on our website going forward. School counselor is in.


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