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The ACT and SAT collect demographic data that they sell to colleges for major profits. Is this against privacy law?

The College Board and ACT, Inc., the makers of the SAT and ACT respectively, are under some scrutiny concerning privacy law. Each year, students who take the SAT and ACT give these non-profit companies biographical information – from emails and birth-dates to the type of college they wish to attend to ethnicity. The College Board and ACT, Inc. are thus sitting on a mountain of data and this data is a major source of their revenue each year. They sell this data from their ACT and SAT demographic questions to colleges who seek the data for marketing purposes.

But is it not right to sell this data on teenagers? Is this against teen privacy law? A Massachusetts Democratic representative and a Texas Republican representative seem to think so. Are regulatory measures needed to cease this practice? According to “Bloomberg,” “‘There should be some kind of regulatory control over what even a nonprofit can be culling from students,’ said Pam Dixon, executive director of the World Privacy Forum, a nonprofit public interest research group in Cardiff by the Sea, California.”

Do you think that because these organizations are non-profits they should be exempt from privacy laws? It should be noted that College Board had revenue of $659.8 million in the year that ended in June 2010 while ACT, Inc. had revenue of $238 million. Do you think these non-profit organizations have the right to sell colleges students’ information for the going rate of 33 cents a name? Let us know your thoughts by posting below!

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