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April 18, 2022

Sasha Obama Transfers to USC

Sasha Obama now attends USC.

As gossip columnists report on Sasha Obama’s new love interest, Clifton Powell Jr., they seem to be glossing over the fact that she recently transferred from the University of Michigan to the University of Southern California. Apparently, Sasha made the switch to be closer to her sister, Malia, who attended Harvard and has long expressed an interest in pursuing a career in television/film and is now in Los Angeles. Could Sasha also have an interest in television/film and that’s why she wanted to transfer to USC, home to arguably the nation’s top undergraduate film program? Maybe the former first daughters want to work for Higher Ground one day, the Netflix-based company of her parents?

We were frankly a bit surprised when the Sidwell Friends graduate enrolled at the University of Michigan. Some, at the time, wondered if her grades and test scores weren’t so hot. After all, she presumably could have had her pick of universities — from Harvard on down. When Malia earned admission to Harvard back in 2016, she delayed her matriculation and opted to take a gap year. At the time, the move led some to speculate that her grades and scores weren’t so great and that she earned admission from Harvard’s well-known Z-List. Who knows.

Curious why Sasha made the move from Michigan to USC? Have an inside scoop? Let us know all about it by posting a comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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