A Salute to an American Vet

Ivy Coach is proud to be in the service of some of the brave men and women who serve our nation in uniform. Some years ago, we decided to reserve our pro bono college admissions services exclusively for veterans of the five branches of our American armed forces. While we can’t work with every veteran seeking to earn admission to a highly selective university in the United States, we can take on a few each year. It’s work we are immensely proud of.

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Some of the proudest members of our American armed forces are immigrants to our nation.

Today, we’re proud, with his permission, to share a bit of the story of an extraordinary young man, William Wang, who has earned admission to the University of Pennsylvania. An American immigrant from China, William has served as a mechanic in the United States Army — charged with fixing Humvees and other military-use vehicles. Many of these vehicles have protected our American soldiers in the Asia-Pacific region in particular. At the University of Pennsylvania, William looks forward to studying the political science of the very region the military-use vehicles he repaired have been deployed.

On a more personal note, William is one of the kindest and most respectful young men we’ve ever had the opportunity to work with at Ivy Coach. We literally had to nudge him dozens of times just to try — unsuccessfully we might add — to encourage him to not say “Mr.” and “Sir” at the beginning and end of every sentence. It’s who he is. We at Ivy Coach congratulate William on earning admission to one of the finest universities in the world. We are grateful to William for his service in our military and we’re so very excited about his news.


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