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Students of Ivy Coach do not end up at their safety school (photo credit: Yeungb).

Did you end up at your safety school? There’s a piece up on “The Huffington Post” today entitled “So You’re Going to Your Safety School…Now What?” written by Joe Gu, a freshman at UCLA. In the piece, Gu makes the argument that many students end up going to what was initially their safety school. In fact, he writes: “The sad truth of the college application process is that few students are actually admitted to the school of their dreams. Virtually all applicants receive rejection letters and ultimately end up compromising in one way or another when they matriculate. Thus, inevitably, many students each year are left with the ‘terrifying’ prospect of enrolling in one of their ‘safety schools.'” Well, Joe, this isn’t the case for the students of Ivy Coach. Our students don’t end up at their “safety schools.” Our students end up at dream schools. But you’re not incorrect in asserting this point in reference to other college applicants. Many do end up at their safety schools…and they make the best of it.

Or they don’t and seek to transfer. For students who did not work with us as high schoolers who are intent on transferring next year, now is the perfect time to begin working on your transfer applications. Does that mean that you shouldn’t enjoy this next year of your life at your safety school and make the best of friends? Absolutely not. Do enjoy it. Do make great friends. Do have the time of your life, as “Green Day” would say. And that’s precisely why now is a great time to work on your transfer applications…before college begins. Before classes start and you’re inundated with work. Before you’re busy making new, great friends. Do it this summer when you have the time so that when it comes time to consider transferring, doing the applications doesn’t factor into the decision.

One person commented to a previous post on our site that it’s wrong of us to recommend transferring so early in the game, before students have experienced their safety school. We completely disagree. We strongly urge students to enjoy their year at their safety school and to do this effectively, we just happen to recommend writing all transfer essays in advance during the summer months.


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