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March 30, 2021

Rice University to Expand Incoming Class Size

Rice has plans to increase the size of the school’s student body in the years to come.

Rice University has plans to increase the size of its student body. In fact, by fall 2025, Rice will be expanding its student body from 4,000 students in fall 2020 to 4,800 in fall 2025. It marks a 20% increase, which is rather significant if you ask us. Few highly selective universities, in recent years, have expanded their student bodies by such a large margin and it will be interesting to see if other institutions soon follow Rice’s lead. To make room for these 800 students, Rice has plans to open a 12th residential college. The school has hopes that a greater percentage of its student body — a third more in fact — will live on campus. And what’s triggering the growth at Rice? Look no further than the impact of the pandemic on the size of the Rice applicant pool.

Rice Will Expand Student Body Due to Surge in Interest

As Hunter Marrow reports for Houston’s ABC affiliate in a piece entitled “Rice University announces student body expansion,” The plan comes after the university experienced a roughly 35% increase in undergraduate enrollment between fall 2005 and 2013 as well as enlargement in graduate programs. With the upcoming expansion, the university’s student body will have grown by 80% over the last two decades. ‘Rice’s extraordinary applicant pool has grown dramatically despite the challenges posed by the pandemic,’ President David Leebron said in a March 30 news release. ‘With the previous expansion we greatly increased our national and international student applications, enrollment and visibility. We also dramatically increased diversity on our campus, and we were able to extend the benefits of a Rice education to many more students. As before, we must undertake this expansion carefully in order to assure that we retain the best aspects of Rice culture, student experience and sense of community.'”

The Expansion Will Impact Future Incoming Classes As Construction Takes Time

But we know what parents and students who are reading this post in April 2021 are wondering They’re wondering if this will mean the size of the Class of 2025 will be increased? Unfortunately, we don’t anticipate as much since construction will not be finished in time for the latest applicant pool, since they’ll be enrolling in fall 2021 and that’s just a few months away at this point. Yet while it may not be great news for students who are currently waitlisted to the Rice University Class of 2025, it’s great news for future Rice applicants. Indeed, we commend Rice for committing to opening up more seats in incoming classes in the years to come. May other schools soon follow their wonderful example! Build those dorms! Build, build, build!

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