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August 23, 2022

Rice University Class of 2026 Yield

44% of admitted students to Rice’s Class of 2026 chose to attend (photo credit: AniRaptor2001).

Rice University, which enjoyed a record year in admissions with an all-time high 31,424 applications and an all-time low 8.56% overall admission rate (though it’s now being reported as 8.7%), will matriculate 44% of admitted students. So a little less than half of all students admitted to Rice’s incoming class chose to attend. And what’s the breakdown of the students who chose to matriculate, you ask? Wonder no more! We’ve got answers for our readers.

As Maria Morkas reports for The Rice Thresher in a piece entitled “Rice welcomes 1,210 new students with 8.7% acceptance rate,” “’This year 36% of the entering class are from [Texas], 50% are domestic students living outside of Texas and 14% or 167 entering students are foreign nationals,’ [Vice President for Enrollment Yvonne] Romero da Silva wrote in an email to the Thresher. ’The international student population represents over 55 different nationalities.’ Romero da Silva said that after Texas, the three most represented states in the matriculating class are California, Florida and New York. ’Among the domestic incoming student population, 32% represent traditionally underrepresented communities, including 12% who identify as African American, 19% who identify as Hispanic and 1% who identify as Native American or Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander,’ Romero da Silva said.”

So, yes, Rice sure does like its applicants from the Lone Star State. But that shouldn’t be all that surprising to our readers, right? In any case, while you’re here, read about Rice’s admission statistics for the Class of 2025 to see how the data compares year over year.

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