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April 20, 2021

Rice University Class of 2025 Admissions Statistics

Applications to Rice soared for the Class of 2025.

The Rice University Class of 2025 admissions statistics are in the books. In all, 29,523 students applied to Rice University’s Class of 2025 — through both Early Decision or Regular Decision. This same figure stood at 23,443 for the Class of 2024, marking a 26% surge in applications this year. But in spite of a record application tally, Rice’s overall admission rate this year of 9.3% was higher this year than two years ago when the overall admit rate settled at 8.7%. So what’s to explain the surging applications this year but a slightly higher admission rate? Well, look no further than Rice choosing to expand the size of their incoming class, which was announced back during the fateful month of March 2020. In March 2020, Rice reported its plans to expand its student body from 4,000 students in fall 2020 to 4,800 in fall 2025 — or a 20% increase.

Rice Releases the Percentage of Students Who Applied to the Class of 2025 Without Test Scores

As Savannah Kuchar reports for The Rice Thresher in a piece entitled “Rice releases regular decision results, accepts record number of applicants,” “[Vice President for Enrollment Yvonne] Romero da Silva said she attributes the increase in applications in part to Rice’s test-optional policy. Of the students accepted in this round of admission, 20 percent did not submit SAT or ACT scores with their applications. ’We read each student’s Rice supplement essays and really value when students can convey the elements of Rice that are special — the community, our culture of care and engaged students and faculty,’ Romero da Silva said. ’Many students picked up on these aspects of Rice and concluded that Rice really feels like home. We want students in our community who value being a part of our community.’”

Rice Fails to Release the Percentage of Students Who Earned Admission to the Class of 2025 Without Test Scores

And while that’s nice that Rice’s Vice President for Enrollment Romero da Silva reported that 20% of applicants did not submit test scores — which of course means that 80% of applicants did choose to submit test scores — how come she didn’t express the percentage of students who were admitted to Rice’s Class of 2025 without scores? It would be just as easy to release that data point to the public. After all, no one is questioning that one can apply to elite universities like Rice without test scores under “test-optional” policies. We’re questioning if these schools are actually valuing applicants with great scores as equal to applicants with no scores. Short of releasing the percentage of students who earned admission to Rice’s Class of 2025 without test scores, it seems VP Romero da Silva thinks we were all born yesterday.

Congratulations to Ivy Coach’s students who earned admission to the Rice University Class of 2025 with your test scores!

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