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Rice University likes applicants with entrepreneurial spirits.

Rice University’s Class of 2015 is filling in and the Vice President for Enrollment, Chris Munoz, says that this class is “equal to or better than previous years in terms of test scores, leadership, community out-reach and entrepreneurship.” Rice likes its entrepreneurs quite a bit so if you’re an applicant who has an entrepreneurial spirit and has gotten involved in an entrepreneurial endeavor during your high school years, this is something to stress in the essays and the activity sheet.

The class is expected to also be one of the biggest classes in the history of Rice University, though not quite as big as the Class of 2014 which has about 80 more students. The class features more African Americans and Latinos, according to Munoz, and more students from Texas than in years previously. Rice University admissions accepted 18.7% of applicants this cycle and Munoz believes it may be the lowest admissions rate in the university’s history.

If you’re interested in admissions stats for 2015, check out our Ivy League admissions statistics. And take a look at the article in “The Rice Thresher” by Brooke Bullock on Rice Admissions.


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