Rescinded Admissions Decisions

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Getting arrested will indeed jeopardize your admissions decision. Harvard totally would have given Al Capone the boot.

Rescinded admissions decisions are indeed possible and this is something students should be mindful of. Just because a college offers you admission doesn’t mean that this college’s dean of admissions can’t change his or her mind. So what are some reasons why a college may rescind their admissions decision, you ask? Slipping grades. We told you this a couple of months ago. You needed to maintain the same kinds of grades you always received after earning your admission. Will a ‘B+’ in AP Physics jeopardize your admission to an Ivy League school? No, likely not. But a ‘D’ sure might. It’s doubtful that you had ‘D’s’ on your record when you were admitted to an Ivy League school.

In addition to slipping grades, bad behavior can lead to a rescinded admission. Again, we’ve told this to you when you first received your acceptance, but we’ll say it again. Think twice before you participate in the senior prank in which you put ducks in your principal’s office or let the lab mice out of the research lab. This is probably not a good idea. Why risk everything you’ve worked for up until this point? It’s just not worth it. Getting in trouble with the law is a bad idea too. And not just because it will jeopardize your college admissions decision, of course. But it certainly will. Colleges don’t want students with arrest records on their campus.

Keep thinking of the next four years at the college of dreams and do anything to risk your future.


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