Regular Decision Notification Deadlines Getting Pushed

UPenn needs more time to evaluate the candidacies of Regular Decision applicants to its Class of 2025.

They are asking for extended time. Typically, our nation’s elite universities release Regular Decision notifications in late March or early April. And by early April, we mean April 1st. Historically, many elite universities release decisions over the last several days of March with some also coming out on April 1st. But it’s highly unusual for elite universities, including the Ivy League schools, to release decisions after April 1st. As an example, here were the Regular Decision notification dates for applicants to the Class of 2023. Note, you’ll find zero Ivy League schools with Regular Decision notification dates after April 1st. But, well, things will be different this year. Due to the surge in Regular Decision applications, these schools are raising their hands and asking for more time. That’s right. They need more time!

UPenn, Princeton Will Release RD Notifications on April 6

The University of Pennsylvania wrote, in an Instagram story no less, “Regular Decision Notification Date: April 6, 2021. Due to an increase in applications this timeline will allow us to maintain Penn’s commitment to a thorough and comprehensive review of all of every application. The reply date will be may 3rd to give students and families additional time to make their decisions.” Similarly, Princeton University notified applicants yesterday, “Princeton will release decisions for the Class of 2025 on Tuesday, April 6 at 7 p.m. ET via the Applicant Portal. The candidate response deadline has been extended to Monday, May 3. The April release date is the result of an increased volume of applications to the University and our commitment to thoughtful review of all candidates. We recognize you are eager to hear from us, and that you anticipated an earlier response. However, in order to ensure that every applicant is given our full and thoughtful consideration, we believe this change is necessary.”

A Surge in RD Applications Means They Need More Time

So it seems like Ivy Coach’s crystal ball — which forecasted a surge in Regular Decision applications on the heels of the surge in Early Decision / Early Action applications — has struck again. UPenn and Princeton need more time to evaluate their Regular Decision candidates. And, if you’re wondering, the answer is yes: we anticipate other elite universities will follow their lead. Many of these schools too will soon raise their hands and ask for more time….because they need it! But, hey, at least they’re extending the deadline for students to notify them of whether or not they intend to matriculate. So it seems fair to us!


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  • Jimmy says:

    I wonder how much their delay is due to the increase in applications (after all, they will be discarding the majority of the ‘surge’ due to it being vastly under-qualified), and if it happens to be CLS (Covid-Lazy Syndrome). Lot of these remote workers seem to be getting awfully lethargic at getting anything done; heck, some professors are digging up old videos of themselves teaching 5 and 6 years ago and using them to substitute for real lectures they are paid to give today!

  • David says:

    Does your crystal ball forecast the same surge in apps happening next year?

    • Ivy Coach says:

      Our crystal ball will issue a reading on next year’s batch of applications once we know how fast Americans can get vaccines. Right now, it won’t give us a reading!

  • Jerry Esteban says:

    Does Ivy Coach’s Crystal Ball predict another year of test-optional admissions? Mine just did.

  • Amanda says:

    Does ivy coach’s crystal ball predict a bigger class size?

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