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Don’t wait until the deadline to write your admissions essays for Regular Decision. While this photo from Yale is from a long time ago, waiting a long time to write your Regular Decision Yale admissions essays is a really bad idea.

Now that the deadline for most schools with Early Decision and Early Action policies has passed, it’s high time that high school seniors get to work on their Regular Decision applications. If you were a student who completed your Early application under a lot of stress at the deadline, do you really want to put yourself through that again? Also, it’s unlikely that your admissions essays came out as good as they could have come out had you started the process of working on them much earlier — like during the summer when school was out. So don’t make the same mistake twice. Get started now.

If you’re thinking something along the lines of, “Why do all the work on my Regular Decision applications when it might well be a waste after I get into my Early Decision school in six weeks,” you need to stop thinking like that at once. Would it be great if you got into your Early Decision school? Of course! That would be fantastic. But you’ve got to prepare for the worst. You’ve got to have your Regular Decision applications ready to go in the event you get deferred or denied admission at your dream college. It’s a wise approach to the highly selective college admissions process. It’s a wise approach to life.

And what if you do get into your Early Decision or Early Action school…you’ve done some extra work completing unnecessary applications? Big deal. As the trite but true expression goes, “better to be safe than sorry.” So stop procrastinating. Stop just crossing your fingers that you won’t have to do any Regular Decision applications because you’ll get into your Early school. Uncross those fingers. The highly selective college admissions process is not about luck. And, with those uncrossed fingers, get to work on your many Regular Decision admissions essays.

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