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March 6, 2022

Record Applications to Boston University Class of 2026

BU had a record year in admissions (photo credit: Brian Chang-Yun Hsu).

Boston University’s admissions office is celebrating a banner year. The school received a record number of applications to its Class of 2026 — 80,747 in all between Early Decision I, Early Decision II, and Regular Decision. In fact, the school received so many applications that the school is putting to use a newly developed model to predict yield so as to prevent over-enrollment, which has been a problem in the past. As our readers may remember, some members of the BU Class of 2025 complained about over-enrollment. Reports at the time indicated that BU intended to enroll around 3,100 students but in fact enrolled up to 5,300 students in the Class of 2025 (this figure was subsequently confirmed to be 4,011 rather than 5,300). So, yes, the admissions office clearly needed a new model to better forecast its yield!

As Seamus Webster reports for The Daily Free Press in a piece entitled “After record-breaking number of applications, BU plans to avoid third semester of overenrollment,” “BU President Robert Brown said the University had not been ‘comfortable’ with the overenrollment in this year’s freshman class and was working to prevent a similar outcome in the future, in a Dec. 2021 interview with The Daily Free Press. ‘We did not purposely increase our class size,’ Brown said at the time. ‘Now we have one data point and we’re working hard not to have it happen again because it’s not good for the University.’ The Office of Admissions set a target enrollment of 3,200 students for the class of 2025 last year, but ultimately enrolled 4,011, said Kelly Walter, associate vice president for enrollment and BU’s dean of admissions. ‘The University plans for class sizes, we plan for residence hall enrollments, we plan for meals, we plan for staffing,’ Walter said. ‘And so when you bring in either a larger class or a smaller class, all of those individuals, those departments, those programs, those services, are impacted.'”

We commend the BU administration for not only being forthright about how they over-enrolled the Class of 2025 but for making efforts to not make this mistake with the Class of 2026. And we congratulate the BU admissions office on a record-breaking year for the university.

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