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Don’t change your behavior after receiving your admissions decisions (photo credit: Bryan Y.W. Shin).

After receiving admissions decisions, it’s important that you not slack off the rest of your senior year. Well, we suppose we should qualify what slacking off means. If you’re a student who has earned admission to Princeton with straight ‘A’s’ and you start getting ‘D’s’ and ‘F’s’ after you receive your letter of admission, you are certainly slacking off — to the point where Princeton may very well choose to change your admissions decision. If you’re a straight ‘A’ student who suddenly gets a ‘B+’ in AP Physics because you wanted to live a little after you got into Princeton, you shouldn’t worry so much. Good for you to choose to live a little and get a ‘B+.” It is highly unlikely that Princeton will overturn your admission because you got a grade a little beneath what you usually get.

It is important that you not become a juvenile delinquent after you earn your admission. Or if you’re eighteen, it’s important that you not become a delinquent (or criminal). Don’t participate in senior pranks. It could jeopardize your graduation from your high school and the college that you intend to matriculate to will be none too pleased. Don’t get into fist fights. Ever in life. But if you do, know that you’re certainly jeopardizing that admissions decision you worked so very hard for. Why on earth would you do that? Don’t start doing drugs (because they’re really bad for you) but they’ll also lead to poor decision-making that could absolutely jeopardize your admission. Doing drugs is illegal. Don’t do things that are illegal. Oy vey.

Basically, stay the person you are after you earn your admission. Don’t become a bad student. Don’t become a drug addict. Don’t become a violent mess. Don’t rub your admission in the face of others. That’s likely not the person your future college chose to admit. And these things can absolutely jeopardize your admissions decision (well, maybe not rubbing your admission in the faces of others but this is a terrible idea). None of these things are worth it. At all.


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