A Reaffirmation of Our Commitment to Helping America’s Military in Admissions

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We at Ivy Coach proudly serve some of America’s veterans each and every year on a pro bono basis.

On this Veteran’s Day, we at Ivy Coach proudly reaffirm our longstanding commitment to helping as many of America’s veterans as we can on a pro bono basis earn admission to the colleges of their dreams. It is a commitment that we take very seriously. In fact, our pro bono services are reserved exclusively for veterans of America’s Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps. Now can we help every veteran who approaches us for assistance as they seek to earn admission to highly selective colleges? No, our resources are limited. But we can help a few. And we do help a few every year — without exception. Even our free consultation for veterans is chock full of advice, whereas for non-veterans it’s only an opportunity to learn about our service offerings as we make clear on our site.

The Genesis of Our Pro Bono College Admissions Help

We’ve been offering pro bono services at Ivy Coach since 1992, the early days of our company. And veterans were always among the group of students we deemed eligible for these services. But back then, our pro bono offerings weren’t reserved exclusively for veterans. Maybe a student was from a low-income family and couldn’t afford our fees. We get it. We get made fun of for our fees. “CNBC” once had a laugh on air about what we charge at Ivy Coach. If only they knew that they grossly underestimated the very fees they were making fun of us for!

But while we enjoyed helping deserving students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to take advantage of our service offerings, we realized that America’s veterans deserved our undivided attention for our pro bono work. These are young men and women who have risked their lives to protect the freedoms we Americans enjoy each and every day. These are young men and women who may not realize that their unique experiences are precisely the kinds of experiences that bring admissions officers at our nation’s most highly selective colleges to life as they fall asleep reading application after application. These are young men and women who deserve more than “Thank you for your service.”

We Support Our Troops

When you read a college’s press release about their incoming class, you can always get a feel for what the school is most proud of. Maybe the school touts the percentage of first generation college students in their incoming class. Maybe the school touts the percentage of underrepresented minorities in the class or even the number of Olympians. We hope from our website that we are clear in the type of student we are most proud to work with on a pro bono basis: an American veteran. Interestingly, many of the veterans with whom we work happen to be from low income families. Many of them happen to be underrepresented minorities. And all of them are deserving of our thanks on this Veteran’s Day.

And one last thing. This year, we’re especially making a point of trying to appeal to female veterans. So if you’re a female veteran of America’s military, please do reach out to us as we’re interested in helping you navigate the highly selective college admissions process.


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