Reading and College Admission

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Spend time reading this summer. It’s important for your development. And it’s important as you seek to get into a highly selective college (photo credit: Geographer).

What’s a terrific thing to do over the summer if you want to get into a highly selective college? Read, read, read. No, not street signs. Sure, you should read those too while driving. But we mean reading books. Reading and college admission are correlated. Students who read tend to get into highly selective universities. Students who don’t tend not to. It’s that simple. If you don’t like to read books, in the world of college admissions (and in life), it says that you don’t have a deep intellectual curiosity. It says that you aren’t always looking to expand your mind, to possibly change your worldview based on what you’ve newly learned. And that’s terrible!

Walk around a Barnes & Noble. Smell the books. The feeling you should have is a thirst for knowledge. You should want to buy so many books in the store just because you want to soak in all of this information. You obviously can’t buy all of the books but maybe you can buy several (or go to the library if you don’t want to pay). That thirst for knowledge, that love of reading is vital as you look to differentiate yourself in college admissions. Do you have a goal of reading all of the books on the bookshelf in your room? If so, that’s great. But it shouldn’t just be a goal. You should actually achieve this goal.

Read lots this summer. Read all types of books. Read biographies. Read suspense novels. Read mysteries and historical fiction. Read anything that just might expand your thinking and change how you view the world. That’s what college admissions counselors are looking for. But don’t just do this because you think it’s what they want you to do. Do it because it’ll make you a smarter, better individual. Now go out to the library (or Barnes & Noble) and start reading!


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