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“US News” has released a ranking of colleges that are friendly to our veterans.

One of the less talked about rankings released by “US News & World Report” is the “2018 Best Colleges & Universities for Veterans.” But it should be talked about because colleges care about rankings and when they see they’re not ranked among our nation’s most veteran friendly colleges, then perhaps it’ll inspire an effort to do better, to try to do more for America’s veterans of the five branches of our military. And let’s face it — every college, even those ranked at or near the very top of “US News & World Report’s” ranking can do better. They can do more. These are young men and women who voluntarily chose to serve our nation in uniform, at great personal sacrifice and often grave risk. If these students wish to receive one of our nation’s finest educations upon the completion of their military service, then America’s universities should open their doors and insert a door jam to prop them open permanently.

Most Veteran Friendly Colleges and Universities

So which university claimed the prize as the college that does the most for veterans, according to the most esteemed publication when it comes to ranking colleges? That would be Stanford University. Placing second is Dartmouth College. Third? That would be Cornell University. Georgetown University took fourth, followed by the University of California – Los Angeles and the University of Southern California in a tie for fifth. Interesting indeed to see the arch-rivals in a tie for fifth! Rounding out the top fifteen, respectively, are: Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Virginia in a tie for seventh, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor in ninth, New York University and University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill in a tie for tenth, College of William & Mary in 12th, University of Rochester in 13th, Boston University in 14th, and Tulane University in 15th.

At Ivy Coach, we work each and every year with veterans of America’s military on a pro bono basis so we have developed quite an understanding of which colleges truly seek veterans. In fact, veterans are the only students with whom we work on a pro bono basis. Our pro bono service offerings are reserved exclusively for them (and we make no apologies for that!). It is thus no surprise to us to see Dartmouth College in the second position on this ranking. We have long considered Dartmouth to be the friendliest college to veterans, especially to our United States Marines. Indeed if we were to comprise a ranking of veteran friendly colleges, many of these same schools would populate our upper echelon. We were, however, surprised to see that Columbia University and Brown University in particular did not rank higher. We consider these two institutions to be among the most veteran friendly universities in America as well. To not even see these schools ranked among the top 100 veteran friendly colleges is disconcerting.

Methodology of the Ranking of Veteran Friendly Colleges

That of course brings us to the methodology behind the “US News & World Report” ranking. The universities must be nationally ranked by “US News & World Report” (in the top half in fact), be certified for the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill, participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program (or be a public school charging in-state tuition to all veterans who hail from outside of the state), and they’ve got to have enrolled at least 20 veterans and/or active duty service members during the 2016-2017 academic cycle.

The methodology of course leads us to further question why a school like Columbia University didn’t crack the top 100. Columbia enrolls well north of 20 veterans through its School of General Studies, the school is certified for the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill, and it participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program. How pray tell did Columbia University not crack the top 100 ranking? [Bueller, Bueller].

What do our readers think of the omission of universities like Columbia and Brown? Let us know your thoughts by posting a Comment below.


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