QuestBridge Applicants Seeking Private College Counseling

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Ivy Coach supports the QuestBridge program, a program that allows low-income students to attend many of our nation’s elite colleges.

QuestBridge applicants to our nation’s colleges must meet certain financial qualifications. Specifically, QuestBridge details on their website: “Finalists typically come from households earning less than $65,000 annually for a typical family of four and have minimal assets. This is not a strict cut-off and we encourage students who feel they have faced significant financial hardship to review these financial criteria carefully to see if they may qualify.” So QuestBridge, in short, is a wonderful program aimed to help low-income students attend some of our nation’s top colleges. And like our nation’s elite colleges, we wholeheartedly support these colleges seeking out low-income students. Often times, these students also happen to be underrepresented minorities and first generation college students, two other highly coveted groups among admissions officers — and groups we love to see well-represented in each incoming class.

More QuestBridge Applicants Are Seeking Private College Counseling

But we’re a bit perplexed by a recent trend we’ve noticed: more and more students who will be applying through QuestBridge have been reaching out to us for our private college counseling. That’s right. Our college counseling that isn’t exactly well known to be inexpensive (hey, we’re self-aware like that!) is in demand by QuestBridge applicants. And while we’d love to help all these deserving students, Ivy Coach’s pro bono services are reserved exclusively for veterans of America’s military, a group that happens to include many deserving low-income students, underrepresented minorities, and first-generation college students.

QuestBridge Applicants Seeking Pricey College Counseling Strikes Us As Fishy, Though We Could Absolutely Be Wrong

And yet, often times, when these QuestBridge applicants reach out to us, they say they can afford our services — which, of course, boggles our minds. How can a family of four that earns less than $65,000 a year afford a concierge service like private college counseling — and expensive college counseling no less? To be candid, it strikes us as fishy, as though they’re not being totally honest with QuestBridge about their family’s income. We only wish to work with folks who are honest…not only with us but with programs like QuestBridge.

Is it possible that these students are able to secure outside help for college counseling? Yes, absolutely. But if they can secure outside help for expensive college counseling, then isn’t it possible they can also secure outside help for college? We’d think the answer would be yes but we understand the outside help may not stretch that far. But the fact is, when we take on students, we don’t want these questions circling in our minds. We don’t want to wonder if a student is trying to game QuestBridge. We don’t want to request their family’s tax returns. So while we fully support the QuestBridge program, we have reservations about accepting QuestBridge students as clients. To put it simply, something is just too fishy about it.

Are we wrong? Are we right? Should we change our position? We’re open to it! Let us know what you think about this moral dilemma by posting a Comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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