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January 23, 2015

Pro Bono College Admissions Assistance

Ivy Coach offers pro bono college admissions assistance to select members of our military as well as to former members of our military.

Ivy Coach offers pro bono college admissions assistance to certain students who otherwise would not be able to afford our services. Often times, students and parents email or call us asking if we can take them (or their child) on as clients and we have to tell them that we can’t at this time because we’re at capacity with our pro bono admissions cases. And sometimes we decline because we’re just not interested in working with someone. Just because we offer pro bono college admissions assistance doesn’t mean that we have to give up our valuable time to you if you’re not nice. We frankly don’t care what kind of compelling story you might have if you’re not nice to us. We have limited capacity. We only work with nice people. It’s the most important rule in our business. It is our guiding principle. When we offer free consults, parents and students sometimes don’t realize that we’re interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing us. If we find that a parent is a know-it-all, then we politely tell them that they seem to know so many of the answers already that we feel we couldn’t be of service. Even though just about everything they think they know is wrong. We keep that last tidbit to ourselves.

Anyhow, we currently are not at capacity with our pro bono cases and write this blog today in the hope that we’ll hear specifically from current or former members of our military who are seeking to attend a highly selective college. Maybe they’ve never attended college. Maybe they’ve attended some college but it was interrupted by military service. Maybe they attended a college that isn’t particularly selective and now aspire to attend one of our nation’s most prestigious schools. If any of this is the case, we are interested in hearing from you. So fill out our free consult form and indicate at the bottom that you’re a veteran interested in our pro bono college admissions assistance.

We will require that you provide evidence of your military service. You wouldn’t believe how many folks contact us claiming to be members of our military or veterans and then when we ask them to provide documentation, the trail goes cold. Don’t waste our time and don’t waste yours because if you can’t provide the documentation, we will not be offering you our pro bono college admissions assistance. And we won’t if you’re not nice either. But if you are nice and you have served our country and are looking for assistance in gaining admission to a highly selective college, ignore all of these caveats because we’d very much like to hear from you.

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