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Princeton University admissions hardly went to the waitlist this year with only five reported students admitted off the list.

Princeton University admissions data on yield for the incoming Class of 2015 is out. The “Princeton Alumni Weekly” has reported a Princeton yield of 57.2%. Last year, the yield was 56.9% so this marks a marginal increase. According to the “Daily Princetonian,” “The University initially offered admission to 2,282 students out of a record-high 27,189 applicants, leading to an initial 8.39 percent admission rate.” For Princeton University’s Class of 2015, 51% will be male and 49% female.

But of particular note is that Princeton hardly went to its waitlist this year. According to an article on Princeton admissions in the “Daily Princetonian,” “In July, PAW announced that the University had offered admission to five students from the wait-list. All five accepted the offer.” Only five! In an effort to give you some perspective, 159 students were admitted off of the waitlist for the Class of 2014, 31 students were admitted off the list for the Class of 2013, and 86 for the Class of 2012. So 5 is a major shift!

But look for the yield rate to increase next year as Princeton returns to the game of early admission with the institution of Single Choice Early Action (check out this post on the spin Princeton University Admissions put on this decision). And have a look at ways you can try to get off of the Princeton University Waitlist should you end up on it this admissions cycle!


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