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August 26, 2011

Preschool and Ivy League

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Several months ago, we posted about a Manhattan mom who chose to sue a New York City preschool her daughter attended for ruining the girl’s chances of gaining admission to Ivy League colleges. And how’d they “ruin” her chances? Because they didn’t prepare her daughter for the ERBs (the equivalent of the SAT for admission to…kindergarten). At the time, the woman wanted her $19,000 of tuition money she gave to the preschool refunded and she was hoping the suit would become a class-action one!

But several months later, the suit has now been dismissed. The preschool filed to dismiss the case and the Manhattan mom did not oppose the move. It seems this Manhattan mom alas came to her senses. There’s a fine line between preparing for college early and preparing for college when a kid’s still in diapers and this mom’s actions aren’t in the grey area…they’re in the ridiculous area. Anderson Cooper should have definitely included her on the RidicuList!

Is it important to get on the right honors track in middle school so that you’re on the right track in high school? Yes. But kids should have a childhood. This kind of parenting doesn’t work anyway. Not even Tiger Mom Amy Chua would approve!

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