Preferential Treatment in Admissions for Children of Influential Politicians

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Our nation’s elite colleges offer preferential treatment to the children of influential politicians of both parties…duh!

Tucker Carlson, the Fox News pundit and host of his eponymous nightly TV show, recently focused a segment on how our nation’s elite colleges offer preferential treatment to the children of well known and influential Democrats. He cites Chelsea Clinton’s admission to Stanford University, Chris Cuomo’s admission to Yale University, all four Gore children’s admission to Harvard University, Malia Obama’s admission to Harvard University, among others to make his argument. And Carlson is not wrong. These children of influential politicians did benefit from preferential treatment in the college admissions process. And the argument that these folks all would have gotten in on their own simply doesn’t hold water because no one knows if they would have gotten in on their own. Even if they had perfect grades and perfect test scores, their parents’ identities were still right there on their applications to influence the decision-making.

The Children of Influential Democrats Receive Preferential Treatment in Elite College Admissions

Carlson’s argument is indeed correct: the children of influential Democrats absolutely do have it fairly easy compared to regular folk in the highly selective college admissions process. However, what Carlson failed to point out is that the children of influential Republicans also are often on the receiving end of preferential treatment in the admissions process — yes, even at notoriously liberal institutions. But, Ivy Coach, how could a notoriously liberal school offer preferential treatment to the children of influential Republicans? They do! They want diversity of thought on their campuses. They don’t want to be seen as bastions of liberalism. They need a defense against such hackneyed accusations. What better way to show it?

But the Children of Influential Republicans Also Receive Preferential Treatment in Elite College Admissions

Carlson was quick to point out Chelsea Clinton, Chris Cuomo, Malia Obama, the Gore children, among others but we noticed he didn’t reference any children of prominent Republicans who too received preferential treatment, like, say, Meghan McCain. Meghan attended Columbia University where she majored in art history. Now we happen to believe that Meghan is a very smart individual (Team Meghan!) but you bet the fact that she happens to be the daughter of the late Senator John McCain influenced her admission. Or how about the Bushes? Barbara Bush, daughter of President George W. Bush, went to Yale. Heck, her father, who too was the child of a prominent Republican, went there as well. Carlson likened all four Gore children earning admission to Harvard to getting struck by lightning every day for a year. Well, lightning strikes the children of Republicans, too, Tucker.

Shall we go on?


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  • Danesovic says:

    Yeah, please do. Your article just proves Tucker’s thesis right. You could just come up with two examples. And Barbara Bush is the only member of new generation of Bush family to go to an Ivy college. I’m sure it’s all pure coincidence tho.

    • Mark Spiegel says:

      George Bush got into Yale on merit? Right. Rich Daddy got him in there. Bush’s daughter Jenna got into Yale. gifted?? Not likely. John McCain”s daughter Megan went to Columbia, Mitch McConnerl’s daughter Claire went to Stanford. Koch brother’s hot kids into Harvard, Stanford and Princeton and on and on it goes. All Republican’s. But does the lying distorting biased Tucker Carlson mention this? But does the fair and balanced Tucker Carlson mention this? NO Because his job is to smear Democrats and not report on same Republican crimes .He must do his master’s bidding. That is for Democrat hater Rubert Murdoch.

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