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April 7, 2018

Pomona College Class of 2022

Pomona Admissions, Admission to Pomona, Pomona College Class of 2022
Pomona received a record number of applications this year.

Admissions statistics are out for the Pomona College Class of 2022. A record 10,245 students applied to Pomona this year in the hope of earning a slot in the incoming class. It was the first time in Pomona’s history that the applicant pool exceeded 10,000 students so you bet Pomona’s admissions office was pumped. Of these applicants to the Pomona Class of 2022, 713 have earned admission. That marks an admission rate of around 6.96%. Let’s repeat that for our readers. 6.96%!

Breakdown of the Pomona Class of 2022

As reports Pomona College in a press release about their incoming Class of 2022, “Students admitted to the Class of 2022 come from 47 states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam. Admitted students hail from 44 foreign countries, with international students comprising 11.3 percent of the class. Eleven students were admitted in a previous year and deferred enrollment until this year…In addition, the College admitted 28 transfer students from a pool of 390, a 20 percent increase in the applicant pool over last year. The admitted group is 52 percent female and 48 percent male.”

“Domestic students of color make up the majority of the admitted class at 56.5 percent. Of these students, 16.8 percent are Asian American, 12.8 percent Black, 17.8 percent Latino and 7.7 percent multiracial. Four American Indian/Native Alaskan and six Native Hawaiian students, along with an additional 25 students who note Native heritage as part of a multiracial identity, have also been admitted. First-generation college students – meaning neither parent has a four-year college degree – comprise 19.2 percent of those admitted to the Class of 2022.”

We find that last statistic super impressive. 19.2% of admits will be the first in their families to attend college. That’s higher than the same statistic at a number of other highly selective American universities. Pomona should be commended for offering admission to so many first-generation college students. It’s also very cool that domestic students of color make up 56.5% of the incoming class. Way to go, Pomona!

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