Polling Admissions Officers is Unproductive

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Want a college counselor who polls admissions officers on what they want? Then don’t come to us because we don’t do that — nor will we ever! Did Henry Ford poll Americans when he designed the automobile? Of course not. He just designed a great automobile!

A parent who was considering using our services — but, thankfully, will never be our client — recently asked, “How do you know what admissions officers want? Do you ask them? How frequently do you meet with admissions officers?” Oy vey is right. Where to get started dissecting this parent’s ridiculous questions that reflect a lack of understanding of the admissions process and a lack of understanding of the role of a good private college counselor? Oh, we’ll just dive right in.

We Don’t Ask Admissions Officers What They Want

First, how do we know what admissions officers want? That’s easy. We don’t ask them what they want. We don’t poll them and ask, “Would you prefer more environmental activists this year or political science junkies? What are you looking for in Personal Statements? And in the supplemental essays?” No, that’s utterly ridiculous. We know what admissions officers want because our students at Ivy Coach have been earning admission to their dream schools for over a quarter of a century. We know what admissions officers want because when our students get in, they so often receive handwritten notes about their essays.

But we don’t poll admissions officers. If Henry Ford asked Americans about cars, we’d likely still be riding around on horses and buggies. If Steve Jobs polled Americans on the design of iPhone, it wouldn’t look nearly as cool as the versions Apple produced. No, we don’t ask admissions officers what they want. Our students give admissions officers what they don’t even realize they want. They sure do.

Our Students Give Admissions Officers What They Don’t Realize They Want

Second, how frequently do we meet with admissions officers? Never! We hire former admissions officers at Ivy Coach and train them how to beat an unfair process at an unfair game — fairly and ethically. But we don’t meet with college admissions officers. No way! Rather, we work exclusively behind the scenes. Indeed if any college counselor suggests they meet with admissions officers and ask them what they like to see in applications, we encourage you to run, run fast, and run for the nearest hills. And don’t look back!

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