Plagiarism and College Admissions

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Plagiarism is a gross ethical violation. And websites like Copyscape can so easily detect plagiarism.

We’ve written before about the unethical practices of “admissions agents” in China. These unscrupulous admissions agents, who generally have no tangible experience whatsoever with the college admissions process in the United States, give college applicants a choice of essays to submit out of a stack. You read that right! They also get compensated by some universities in the United States when their applicants matriculate. What a conflict of interest! But we’ve written plenty about these admissions agents in China. Right now, we’d like to write about the unscrupulous actions of some private college counselors right here in the United States.

As the premiere private college counseling company in the United States, it’s no surprise that less reputable private college counselors (often ones who, like the admissions agents in China, have no ethical boundaries and absolutely no experience in college admissions) try to copy our website. Sometimes, a company copies a paragraph or a page or two. Just recently, we caught a company that copied the text of our entire homepage verbatim. It’s so easy to discover with great online plagiarism detection services like Copyscape. Our material is indeed copyrighted.

Our website presents a wealth of information about highly selective college admissions. We blog all the time — every day in fact (including weekends and holidays). Do all of our readers become clients of Ivy Coach? No, but we also view it as our task to inform and educate about the college admissions process so all can improve their odds of gaining admission to the colleges of their dreams.

If you’re looking to hire a private college counselor, beware of companies in which its leaders have no or little relevant college admissions experience. And beware of companies that plagiarize verbatim our entire homepage! Yikes.


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