Personality Quiz and College Admissions

Personality and College Admissions, College Admission Personality Quiz, Admissions Personality Quiz

Do you think personality quizzes will become more popular in the college admissions process?

Bard College has eliminated the requirement that applicants submit their high school transcripts. Hampshire College has eliminated the SAT and ACT as requirements for admission — along with a host of other universities. Goucher College has made virtually the entire application a video that applicants submit. We personally think that one’s quite silly. And now the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is offering students a personality quiz in lieu of admissions essays. As an aside, if you’ve never heard of the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, you’re not alone.

According to “Indy Star,” “Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology enrollment chief Jim Goecker does not care who your hero is. It does not matter to him which book most changed your life, or how you describe a place that’s meaningful to you in no more than 650 words. What he really wants to know is how confident you are in making yourself successful. ‘We’re beginning to see it tells us more about success in college,’ Goecker said, ‘which to me is more important than which book I’d take to a desert island and why.’ All you have to do is take a personality quiz — seriously! — and that, he says, could be the newest measure to determine whether you get into Rose-Hulman.”

One particular statement on this personality quiz asks students about whether or not they believe they are in control of what happens to them in life. According to the enrollment chief, Jim Goecker, the answer to this prompt is an accurate indicator of whether or not the applicant is likely to stay at the institution — and succeed there. So, this begs the question, should the Ivy League and other highly selective colleges follow in the footsteps of the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and require personality tests? Our answer?: Don’t hold your breath.


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