Parents Contacting College Admissions Offices

Parents of college applicants should not be contacting college admissions offices. It’s as simple as that. Too often, we hear from parents who sign up for a free consultation with us that they’ve previously reached out to college admissions counselors at the colleges to which their children will be applying. Oy vey. What were they thinking? It’s sometimes difficult to tell parents that what they did is absolutely the wrong thing to do but, at Ivy Coach, we are in the business of telling it like it is. No fluff here.

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Parents should never contact college admissions offices. Never. Ever.

What do you think a college admissions counselor thinks when a parent of a college applicant reaches out to him? Do you think he thinks, “Boy. I sure wish more parents would reach out to me. It really gives me a better sense of who the applicant is and what she’s all about. If not for this call from her parent, there’s no way I’d click ‘admit.'” We hope you realize this was entirely sarcastic. If not, you might have some larger issues to address. The fact is that there is absolutely no reason — ever — for a parent to reach out to a college admissions counselor. It will only hurt (not help!) a child’s chances for admission.

What it says to admissions officers is that the student isn’t independent, that there’s a good chance their parent wrote their essays, and who wants to deal with a student like this? Will the parent be calling professors as well when their child gets a ‘B’ in Introductory Psychology? How embarrassing would that be. Not the ‘B.’ The call from the parent. Your child is in college! These kinds of calls, this kind of meddling…it needs to end immediately. Don’t hurt your child’s chances in the highly selective college admissions process. Don’t ever reach out to a college admissions counselor even if you think it’ll help. It won’t. We promise.


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