Parents and College Admissions

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Parents are under a lot of stress in the college admissions process. Tammy Hampton’s mom has a Columbia decal on her BMW and you want one, too. And that’s the least of it!

Parents and college admissions. When people talk about the college admissions process, they often talk about what it’s like for the kids to go through the ordeal. Applying to college is stressful to say the least. Which schools should one apply to? Can one get in? What can one do to improve the odds of actually getting in? Not to mention…maintaining great grades in the most rigorous of coursework and scoring through the roof on standardized testing like the SAT and AP exams is quite a lot of stress in and of itself.

But what about the parents? Most parents have demanding jobs. They have to pay the enormous costs of college — often for more than one kid. And the stress that they are under is intense, too. They want their kid to get into the best college possible so they can get the finest education. And, of course, so they can put a sticker on the back of their minivan that reads Harvard. Or Stanford. Or Brown.

Parents have pressure from their peers. When Sammy Solomon gets into MIT and your kid hasn’t yet been admitted, that’s stressful. When your kid is procrastinating and hasn’t yet completed his supplemental essays a week before the deadline (much less the personal statement), that’s stress! When your kid should be studying for a math final but instead he’s playing video games, that’s stress. At Ivy Coach, we are committed to reducing the stress on parents in the college admissions process. It’s one of the major things that we do. With our services, you’ll know that you’re doing everything you can to get your kid into the best college he/she can possibly get admitted to!

Check out this video on Parents Interacting With College Admissions Counselors! Parents shouldn’t go this far! They should never be contacting college admissions counselors. Oy vey.


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