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Are you a parent with your kid’s college decal on your car?

There was a very funny article posted yesterday on “The Huffington Post” by Debra Ollivier entitled, “College Admissions Craze: Are We Making Our Kids Sick?” The article starts off by describing an instance where a father made a phone call about the college admissions process for his child while receiving a colonoscopy. No joke. Seriously. Can you imagine? If you’re a parent currently going through the college admissions process for your child, you probably can. So maybe you didn’t even giggle.

It’s not even just the parents on the college tours who ask if donating a library would help their child gain admission. It’s not even just the parents who wear a full sweatsuit of the college to which their child hopes to get into. It’s not just these super obsessed parents who many people might dismiss as crazy. It’s a good portion of parents these days. It’s parents who just want the very best for their children…they just want to see them gain admission to the college or university of their dreams.

And the attitudes of these parents are influencing  their children. In the article in “The Huffington Post,” Ollivier quotes clinical psychologist and “parenting expert” Wendy Mogel, “College deans have a name for some of the incoming students: ‘teacups’ and ‘crispies.’ Teacups are so fragile that they are easily broken by the knocks of college life. Crispies are so burned out that they are too brittle to enjoy anything. An increasing number are actually returning home after first semester, unable to cope.”

So do you fear your child will be a “teacup” or a “crispie”? Let us know your thoughts on parents and the college admissions process by posting below! And check out this video on Parents and College Admissions.


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