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October 11, 2016

Our Former Admissions Clients

Former Admission Clients, Former College Clients, Former College Admissions Clients
Thank you to this young man on the photo’s left for his honorable service to America’s armed forces.

Sometimes folks, often our friends, ask us if we check in with our former students whom we’ve helped earn admission to the colleges of their dreams years later to see what they’re up to, to see who they’ve become. The answer is that sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. Naturally, it depends on the relationship we’ve built with the student and with the student’s family. If someone comes to us for an hour evaluation, we don’t check in with them ten years later to see what they’re up to. If we work with them through their high school years, you can bet we likely stay in touch even years later. And, in just a few short years, we’re expecting to have one of Ivy Coach’s first clients’ children as clients. It will be some moment.

We are particularly proud of the relationships we’ve built over the years with members of our military, men and women whom we’ve worked with on a pro bono basis because of our longstanding commitment to helping these young people receive the educations they so richly deserve upon the completion of their service. In fact, we’ve noticed a trend. It’s our military clients who check in with us before we get around to checking in with them. They’re appreciate of our assistance. And it makes us feel so good inside that we’re appreciated. And sometimes that’s everything.

So while we’re a bit freaked out that we’ll likely soon be working with the children of one of Ivy Coach’s initial clients, it sure does make us feel good that we’ve remained a part of this (then!) student’s life through so many milestones, even from a distance via phone and email. Indeed it puts a smile on our faces.

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