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March 15, 2020

Our College Counseling Has Been Virtual For Years

What better time to schedule a one-hour college admissions evaluation with Ivy Coach then during these days in isolation because of COVID-19? Our college counseling at Ivy Coach is conducted exclusively via FaceTime, Skype, phone, and email.

We can’t remember the last time we met with a client in person. We can, however, remember an instance many years ago when a parent and his son came to our offices for an in-person college admissions evaluation. The man was well dressed with the appearance of good hygiene. Oh how he fooled us. At these in person meetings we always offered some nutritious treats. On that particular day it was luscious strawberries along with some cheese and crackers. After the man had his snack, he proceeded to stand up and brush the cracker crumbs from his lap onto the floor and between the seat cushions. Another time a student had taken out a pen and doodled on one of our sofas. We only discovered that after he left but it was at that moment we made a decision: we would meet exclusively virtually with all families going forward. It’s a commitment we’ve kept through all the years since.

When parents and students ask if there is a disadvantage in conducting our college counseling and test prep virtually, if there’s something lost in translation, we point them towards our results. As an example, this Early admissions cycle, 100% of Ivy Coach’s students earned admission to their top choice college. We couldn’t write that on our blog or at the bottom of our website if it weren’t true. After all, our parents and students read our blog and peruse our website.

Beyond Ivy Coach’s unmatched track record in helping students earn admission to the colleges of their dreams, we would also tell our readers that just because we don’t have to clean up their crumbs or scrub the ink off our sofas, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have close relationships with our clients. Of course we do! We go into their living rooms via FaceTime and Skype (and sometimes their bedrooms). Do they not think we can see their unmade beds behind them? We work with the oldest siblings, the middle siblings, the youngest siblings. We get to know them over the course of years. And we never, ever have to clean up after them.

If you’re interested in setting up a one-hour college admissions evaluation — the first step to working with Ivy Coach — fill out our free consultation form and we’ll be in touch within the day. As we all fight together, but six feet apart at least, to slow the curve of COVID-19 by spending time at home in isolation, why not use the time wisely to optimize your child’s case for admission to the best school(s) possible? What better time than the present?

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