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There are thousands of private college counseling firms. None have Ivy Coach’s reputation. None have Ivy Coach’s track record.

The first step to working with Ivy Coach is through the free consultation in which we answer questions about our service offerings. During this free initial consultation, prospective clients are paired with the counselor they’d be working with should they subsequently wish to sign up for our services (and should we wish to work with them). While many of the answers to the questions that students and parents pose during these free consultations are available either in our email response when they fill out our form or on our website, we like parents and students to be able to chat with the very person who would be guiding them every step of the way. Not everyone is the right fit for everyone. As an example, at Ivy Coach, all of our counselors tell it like it is — no matter how much it might hurt to hear. If a prospective client is not interested in a tell it like it is style, we’re not for them. And that’s ok!

We Allow Prospective Clients to Speak Directly to Our Counselors

Over the last couple of days, we were doing some research to see if other college consulting firms took this same approach. After all, Ivy Coach’s track record and reputation within the space of private college counseling leads to some folks who try to, well, copy our approach. Sometimes they literally plagiarize pages of our website verbatim, violating our copyrights. Sometimes they try to mimic our name, violating our trademarks. But — perhaps surprisingly — we couldn’t find any college consulting firm, save one-person only shops, that offered this same approach: a free initial consultation with the actual consultant who would guide the student through the process.

Other College Consulting Firms Don’t Allow Direct Contact, Use Middlemen and Videos

Wouldn’t it be nice to speak to the actual person who you’d be working with through the process? Who wants to talk to a middleman salesperson? Who wants to watch a video without having the opportunity to speak directly to the counselor? We think the direct conversation is vital; it’s why we offer this apparently unique opportunity to prospective clients. But perhaps we shouldn’t have been too surprised that this is a unique offering among college consultants. And why? Well, for starters, many college consulting firms are rightly wary of allowing their consultants to speak with prospective clients before these prospective clients pay. These consultants could — in theory — go around the consulting firm, a genuine fear for some. They could also be poached by competing private college counseling firms looking to staff up. You see, we’ve never been worried about any of this. Our folks at Ivy Coach have been with us for years and they’re the best compensated in the business — it’s part of the reason why we charge the fees we command. And it’s part of the reason why we make no apologies for the fees we command.

Want to speak to a salesperson who will not be your child’s college consultant? Want to watch a video of a consultant and cross your fingers they’ll be the right fit for you? In that case, Ivy Coach is not for you! Our prospective clients speak directly to the very person who would be their college counselor all the way through admissions decisions if we all decided to move forward together.


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