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September 3, 2018

NYU Spring Admission Program

NYU has expanded its spring admission program.

New York University has expanded its spring admission program. But, Ivy Coach, what exactly is spring admission? Gather round, loyal readers. We’ll explain. You see, NYU has seen a major increase in applications over the last few years. Over 75,000 students applied for admission to NYU’s Class of 2022. Over 67,000 students applied for admission to NYU’s Class of 2021. In fact, applications have been on the rise at New York University for 11 years. That’s some streak. And NYU wanted to offer admission to more students than they could feasibly accommodate in the fall if they chose to enroll. Hey, Manhattan real estate is tight! So, naturally, NYU offered the opportunity for some students to matriculate if they chose to enroll at the university not in the fall but rather in the spring.

As Kaitlyn Wang reports for “NYU News” in a piece entitled “Spring Admission Program Expands,” “NYU’s spring admission program debuted last year with 83 Liberal Studies students forming the inaugural class. According to Associate Dean and Director of Admissions Jonathan Williams, 341 students were admitted for spring entry in the first year, with the university expecting 75 to matriculate. This year, the program will expand —  the Tandon School of Engineering, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development and LS will all have spring admits in January 2019.”

If you’re wondering if there’s a separate application for spring admission to NYU, no need to wonder anymore. There is no separate application; any student who applies to the university can be considered by the admissions office for spring enrollment. Of course, the student doesn’t need to take NYU up on the offer and can choose not to go to NYU and to instead attend another institution because of a desire to start their college studies in the fall like most students. Spring admits to NYU are offered the opportunity to defer their enrollment by a year — to the following spring. However, they cannot defer their enrollment to the following fall (nice try!).

Have questions about spring admission at NYU? Do you feel like starting school in the spring would set a student back socially? Let us know your questions by posting them below. And, while you’re here, read about how NYU recently put all top med schools on notice by going tuition-free.

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