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January 15, 2021

NYU Sets New Application Benchmark

A record number of students applied to New York University this year (photo credit: Diego Delso).

New York University received more than 100,000 applications to its Class of 2025. The figure marks an all-time record for the university. It also marks the fourteenth year in a row in which NYU has set a new application tally benchmark. In all, 100,131 students applied to NYU this year — either through Early Decision I, Early Decision II, or Regular Decision. It’s a figure that’s 20% higher than last year’s total tally. Of these applicants, 17,148 students applied through one of the school’s two binding Early Decision policies. By our arithmetic, this means that 82,893 students applied in the Regular Decision round to the Class of 2025. And just who applied?

Over 100,000 Students Apply to NYU’s Class of 2025

According to an of course understated NYU press release entitled, “NYU Tops 100,000 Applications – A New Record,” “More than 25% of the applicants are first-generation college-goers. More than 22% of applications came from students in under-represented minority groups, with significant increases among Native American/Alaskan Native students (up 39% from last year); Black/African-American students (up 22% from last year); and Latinx students (up 22% from last year). Applications from international students also increased: more than 22,000 international students applied, a 22% increase over last year…Approximately 6,500 students are expected to enroll as freshmen at one of NYU’s three degree-granting campuses – in New York, Abu Dhabi, or Shanghai – next fall.”

The Annual One-Upmanship Begins

And so the annual one-upmanship begins. Each school puts forward a press release touting their record haul of applications, touting their popularity. And they put forward these press releases all as they profess to be trying to make the highly selective college admissions process less stressful for all. You don’t need test scores. Not to worry. You don’t need good grades. Not to worry. You don’t need a head on your shoulders or even a pulse. Have a credit card? Just submit an application! And why would these schools suggest such nonsense? It all comes back to one thing: the more students — qualified or not — who apply, the lower the admission rate will be.

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