NYU Plans Fall Reopening

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NYU has plans to reopen this fall (photo credit: Diego Delso).

New York University, a university located in the epicenter of the world’s COVID-19 pandemic, has announced plans to hold in-person classes in the fall. No, you are not reading The Onion. It’s true. As many universities across the nation still grapple with how they can restore the in-person college experience this coming fall, NYU — in making their plans public this week — has become one of the first of America’s highly selective universities to make it known that they intend to bring the real college experience back in just a few short months.

A University in the Heart of the World’s COVID-19 Epicenter Announces Its Plans

As Juliana Kaplan reports for Business Insider in a piece entitled “NYU will reopen in the fall for in-person classes,” “‘We’re planning to reconvene in person, with great care, in the fall (subject to government health directives), both in New York and at our Global sites,’ Provost Katherine Fleming said in an email on May 19, according to NYU Local. The Go Local program, enacted specially for the fall 2020 semester, would allow students who are citizens or residents of other countries to take classes at an NYU campus closer to them. The school has locations all over the world, including in China, Spain, and Italy. International students being unable to return to campuses has been one major issue when it comes to navigating colleges reopening; the Go Local program could potentially help address that. Currently, foreign nationals traveling from China are currently not allowed to enter the United States; in the 2018-2019 school year, China was the largest source of international students, according to the Institute of International Education.”

Does this news from NYU come as a surprise to our readers? It certainly comes as a surprise to us. Of all the schools to announce plans to hold in-person classes this fall, color us surprised that it would be a school in the world’s COVID-19 epicenter to be among the first.


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