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April 8, 2018

NYU Class of 2022

NYU Class of 2022, NYU 2022, Class of 2022 at NYU
It was a record year for NYU’s admissions office this year (photo credit: Diego Delso).

It was a record year in admissions for New York University this year. In all, 75,037 students submitted applications to NYU this admissions cycle. Of these students, 15,722 received offers of admission. This marks an admission rate of 19%, a record low for the university. It marks the first time the admit rate for the New York campus of NYU has fallen below 20% in the university’s storied history and it’s significantly lower than the rate just last year. Last year’s admit rate stood at 27% for the Class of 2021. It was 30% for the Class of 2020. One doesn’t need to be a statistician to note the trend.

Breakdown of the New York University Class of 2022

As reports Shonna Keogan in an NYU press release about the NYU Class of 2022, “The NYU Class of 2022 is also the most diverse in NYU history, with a 33 percent increase in African American students accepted and a 14 percent increase in Latinx students accepted, making up 11 percent and 21 percent of the overall admitted population, respectively. No ethnic group makes up more than 23 percent of the total students admitted to the New York campus, or 21 percent of the total global class. First generation college students comprise 20 percent of the class, which will number approximately 6,500 for fall 2018 across all NYU campuses—roughly equal in size to last year’s.”

Students admitted to NYU’s Class of 2022 hail from all 50 states in our union and from 128 countries around our world. That’s a whole lot of countries. NYU sure does have a knack for attracting students from around our world. In fact, international student applications were up 13% this admissions cycle at the university. Remember, in spite of press articles that suggest a dip in international student numbers at American universities, this simply isn’t true at our nation’s elite universities. International students continue to apply in droves to America’s most selective institutions.

Congratulations to all students who earned admission to NYU this year!

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