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Contrary to what private school administrators in New York City may say, private subject tutoring isn’t a new trend. It’s one that’s been around quite a long time.

There was a recent article in the “New York Times” that chronicled the rise of private tutoring among students at Manhattan private schools. The article wasn’t discussing SAT and ACT private tutoring¬†which has long been a staple for New York city private school students seeking to gain admission to top colleges (or even mediocre colleges). Rather, the article focused on the rise of NYC private subject tutoring. What’s that? It’s tutoring for individual classes.

But the “New York Times” is wrong to paint private subject tutoring in New York City as a trend on the rise. It’s been this way for quite a long time! Just because the headmaster of The Dalton School or Riverside Country School may claim this is a new trend that isn’t as prevalent as the media may be making it out to be, that doesn’t mean you should take their word for it. They’re wrong. They’ve known that students seek out private tutors if they’re not getting an “A” in a subject for years. They’ve just done all they can to not let this secret out (note the gag order the parents at these elite schools are under).

What advantage do headmasters of New York City elite private schools get from keeping private subject tutoring a secret? This private tutoring is helping these very students gain admission to top colleges. And that is beneficial to private schools like Dalton and Riverside. So while headmasters and other administrators at these prestigious NYC prep schools may claim ignorance or even deny that students seek out private subject tutoring, don’t believe it for a second.

At Ivy Coach, we offer private subject tutoring in addition to SAT and ACT tutoring. While we are located in Manhattan and Long Island, our tutoring is available to students around the world.

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