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September 6, 2022

Notre Dame Extends Test-Optional Policy

Notre Dame will not require applicants to submit an SAT or ACT scores next year (photo credit: Eccekevin).

The University of Notre Dame has extended its test-optional policy in admissions through the next admissions cycle. This will impact current high school juniors or applicants to the Notre Dame Class of 2028 who, like applicants this admissions cycle, will not be required to submit an SAT or ACT score to earn admission. The change applies to both Early Action as well as Regular Decision candidates. It also applies to students seeking merit scholarships.

As reported in a Notre Dame News press release entitled “Notre Dame to remain test-optional for undergraduate admissions through 2024,” “Micki Kidder, vice president for undergraduate enrollment, said: ’Notre Dame has long been committed to a holistic evaluation process. While test scores can provide helpful information about a student, we believe a number of factors are important, including rigor of high school coursework, intellectual curiosity and engagement both in and outside of the classroom. By remaining test-optional through the 2024 admissions cycle, we will have the opportunity to continue to study the impact of this practice while giving students the ability to choose whether or not they wish to include test information in putting forward their best and strongest application.’”

Of course, loyal readers of Ivy Coach’s college admissions blog know where we stand on the issue of test-optional admissions policies. All else being equal, students with great SAT or ACT scores will always enjoy an advantage over students who choose not to submit SAT or ACT scores — irrespective of a college’s PR spin to the contrary. Unless a school goes test-blind, in which case the school is genuinely telling it like it is, SAT or ACT scores matter.

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