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April 26, 2018

Notre Dame Class of 2022

Notre Dame Admission, Notre Dame 2022, Admission to Notre Dame
It was a banner year for the University of Notre Dame’s admissions office (photo credit: Eccekevin).

Out of a record-breaking pool of 20,370 applicants, the University of Notre Dame offered admission to 3,586 students. As our regular readers may remember, 6,598 students applied to Notre Dame in the Early Action round. Of these 6,598 students, 1,636 were offered admission back in December. By our calculus, this means that 1,950 students earned admission in the Regular Decision round. This marks a Regular Decision admission rate of just over 14% for Notre Dame’s Class of 2022. The overall admission rate stood at 17.6% in a year in which applications went up by a margin of 4% from just last year.

Breakdown of the Notre Dame Class of 2022

Admitted students to the Notre Dame Class of 2022 hail from all 50 states as well as from 80 countries. 9% will be the first in their families to attend college. 42% are students of color, international students, U.S. citizens living abroad, or dual citizens (we recognize this is quite the broad category — we’d prefer to see simply the percentage of students of color, Notre Dame!). Of domestic admits, 22% are from the East Coast, 15% from the South (that isn’t along the East Coast), 15% from the Midwest, 22% from the West / Southwest, and 15% from the Central Midwest. As reports Kelli Smith for “The Observer” in a piece about the incoming Notre Dame class, “’About one-third of the students considered to be at the very top of the class or with a national test score of 33 to 36 ACT or 1500 to 1600 SAT gained admission to Notre Dame this year,” [associate vice president of undergraduate enrollment Don] Bishop said. ’ … We’re up four percent in applications, but we’re up 18 percent in what we would call ’highest-ability applicants.’”

And which U.S. state is the most represented among Notre Dame’s admits? Hint, hint. It’s not Indiana. It’s California — for the second year in a row, followed by Illinois, Indiana, and New York, respectively. Congratulations to all students admitted to the University of Notre Dame from these states and from every other state in our union and nation around the world.

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