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April 2, 2020

Northwestern University Class of 2024 Admissions Statistics

Northwestern’s admit rate rose for the Class of 2024 (photo credit: Rdsmith4).

The Regular Decision round at Northwestern University for the Class of 2024 is a wrap. In all, 39,261 students applied to Northwestern, a figure that includes both Early Decision and Regular Decision applications. This same figure stood at a record high 40,759 for the Class of 2023. Of the 39,261 students who applied for admission to Northwestern’s Class of 2024, 3,542 earned admission for an overall admit rate of 9.0%. To put this figure in historical perspective, the admit rate for Northwestern’s Class of 2023 stood at 8.9% while Northwestern set an all-time benchmark for the Class of 2022 with an admit rate of 8.4%.

With respect to Northwestern’s slightly higher admit rate, as Greg Svirnovskiy writes for The Daily Northwestern in a piece entitled “Northwestern’s acceptance rate rises for second straight year, now at 9 percent,” “The slight uptick in acceptance rates at Northwestern is endemic of trends at other selective institutions. This year, Harvard University accepted 4.9 percent of its applicants, up from 4.6 percent in 2019. Dartmouth College accepted 8.8 percent of its applicants, up from 7.9 percent in 2019. Yale University, Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania all saw similar rises. Still, acceptance rates for Northwestern and other universities have fallen significantly over the last decade. In 2010, Northwestern accepted 23.1 percent of its applicants. That same year, Dartmouth accepted 15.4 percent of applicants. Harvard’s acceptance rate was at 9.3 percent.”

And if you happen to have been waitlisted for admission to Northwestern’s Class of 2024, know that we anticipate the school — like all highly selective colleges — will reach deep into its waitlist this year due to the tremendous uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. So fill out Ivy Coach’s free consult form, indicate Northwestern waitlist at the bottom, and we’ll be in touch so we can outline how Ivy Coach can help give you the best chance possible for admission to the Evanston, Illinois-based institution.

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