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April 3, 2019

Northwestern University Class of 2023 Admissions Statistics

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Northwestern’s overall admit rate rose slightly this year (photo credit: Rdsmith4).

The admissions cycle at Northwestern University for the Class of 2023 is in its final stage: the school now awaits hearing back from Regular Decision admits. In all, Northwestern received 40,579 applications this year — between the Early Decision and Regular Decision cycles (4,399 students submitting binding Early Decision applications to be Wildcats). Of this total pool of applicants between Early Decision and Regular Decision, the overall admission rate was 8.9%. This same figure stood at 8.4% last year. In fact, this year marked the first year in the last ten years in which Northwestern’s overall admission rate did not decline — in spite of an increased Early Decision applicant pool and a lower Early Decision admit rate than last year.

Northwestern’s Admit Rate Rose for the Class of 2023

As reports Gabby Birenbaum for “The Daily Northwestern” in a piece entitled “Northwestern acceptance rate rises for first time in 10 years,” “At a time when declining single-digit admissions rates have come to signal prestige for elite universities, the news is a notable shift for Northwestern. Schools like Harvard and Yale posted a drop in rates, underscoring just how cutthroat admissions have become. But other schools like Princeton and Cornell also saw a rise in rates, though Princeton’s rate is closer to 6 percent, while Cornell’s is closer to 10…After considering Early Decision numbers, the Regular Decision acceptance rate becomes about 6.9 percent. For the class of 2022, the Regular Decision acceptance rate was about 6.4 percent. While the acceptance rate rose from 2018, the 8.9 percent rate is still slightly lower than 2017’s 9 percent acceptance rate.”

Admit Rates Should Be Perceived With Six Grains of Salt

So what does it mean that Northwestern’s admission rate rose this year, defying the trend of the past decade? It means nothing, if you ask us. It doesn’t mean it was easier to get into Northwestern this year just as it doesn’t mean it was harder to get into Harvard this year because its admit rate dropped. Admission rates can be deceiving in this way. As our loyal readers know, we’ve got a crystal ball at Ivy Coach. Our crystal ball hereby forecasts that the school’s overall admit rate will drop next year below 8.9%.

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