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April 15, 2018

Northwestern University Class of 2022

NW Class of 2022, Northwestern Admissions Northwestern University 2022
Congratulations to all students who earned admission to Northwestern’s Class of 2022 (photo credit: Madcoverboy).

The admissions statistics are in the books for the Northwestern University Class of 2022. In all, 40,425 students applied for admission to the Evanston, Illinois-based university this year. Of these students, 3,392 earned admission. As our regular readers may remember, 4,049 students submitted applications in the Early Decision round. Of these students, 1,072 earned admission. Northwestern’s Early Decision admit rate stood at around 26%. The Regular Decision admit rate stood at 6.4%. By our calculus, this means that the overall admit rate for Northwestern University for the Class of 2022 stood at 8.4%, a record low for the university. So is there an advantage in applying to Northwestern University through the Early Decision program? You bet!

A Lowering Admission Rate at Northwestern

This year marks the ninth consecutive year that Northwestern’s admission rate has dropped — quite the trend! In 2017, it dropped to below 10% for the first time in the university’s history. As reports Jonah Dylan for “The Daily Northwestern” in a piece about Northwestern’s Class of 2022, “The class of 2020 was the first in which Early Decision applicants made up more than half of the incoming class. For the past five years, Early Decision students have made up 50 to 54 percent of the class, University officials told The Daily in January. [Associate provost for university enrollment Michael] Mills projected in January that based on the increased number of applications, the acceptance rate could drop to around 8 percent.” It’s interesting to note that Michael Mills’ projection proved true. He was right on the money since the overall admit rate ended up at 8.4% for the Northwestern Class of 2022. Maybe he should do some readings with Ivy Coach’s famously accurate crystal ball.

Congratulations to all students who earned admission to Northwestern this year! Go Wildcats!

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