No Biscuits During College Admissions Evaluations

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We don’t serve biscuits nor do we serve chocolate croissants at Ivy Coach. In fact, we don’t even meet in person to do so. Nor will we ever. And yet our students gain admission to their dream colleges (photo credit: Luc Viatour).

Many folks ask us, on an almost daily basis, where we’re located. And we tell them. Our main office is on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. But in our experience, when folks ask us where we’re based, it’s because they have intentions of meeting with us. A quick perusal of our website will inform any potential client that we do not meet with students. We haven’t done so in years. And yet we’ve helped hundreds upon hundreds of students gain admission to the colleges of their dreams over the years. That’s right — never having met them in person.

But it sure does feel like we’ve met them. Via Skype! After all, we’ve been in their living rooms, in their bedrooms. One student even brought us into the bathroom. We immediately asked her to please turn off the camera. This particular student said she had no intention of using the facilities during our Skype call — she just needed to grab a tissue. We weren’t going to be taking any chances!

Some folks say they’ll fly to meet with us. That’s all well and good and we do appreciate the interest, but we simply won’t meet with students and parents. We believe it to be an inefficient use of our time. And we don’t serve biscuits (that’s our line over the years). Or chocolate croissants. Or even danishes. We’re certain a local college counselor will serve biscuits. But if you want the best, no, we won’t serve you biscuits. But we will help your child gain admission to the college of his or her dreams! At the end of the day, who really needs biscuits anyway. They’re overrated if you ask us.


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