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August 21, 2015

New Ivy Coach Site Design

New Ivy Coach Design, College Admissions Design, Design of Admissions Site
We’ve even reinvented our logo. Whatever…NBC changes its peacock logo every decade or so, too.


We’ll be unveiling a fresh new website at Ivy Coach towards the end of next week. Fear not, the thousands of pages of information on highly selective college admissions will all still be here. Our daily college admissions blog will still be here. Every twenty-four months or so, our loyal readers through the years may know that we redesign our site. Web design is kind of like buying Apple products in this way. They’re great, but a little while after you buy an iPad, it becomes outdated since there’s a new version out.

As we know our readers are parents as well as students from not only across America but from around the world, we’ve never aimed to be too hip with our web design. After all, we’re not interior designers. For matters of interior design, we recommend Kenneth Brown of Bravo fame. He’s given us his sign-off on Ivy Coach’s new site design, which is meaningful to us. We find that it’s important to know 1.) when you’re not a good designer and 2.) who is. After all, we’re admissions experts. Not designers.

We’re confident you’ll see a dramatic before and after once you see our new site and the navigation and user experience will only be easier. In a field in which there are thousands of private college counseling firms, you will see our spunk, our creativity and passion, and our straight-shooting, tell-it-like-it-is approach that has earned Ivy Coach a reputation over the decades for being the very best in the business.

So enjoy Ivy Coach’s new site’s design when it’s unveiled and if you should have any issues with the navigation or anything like that, please do let us know so we can fix these bugs at once.

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