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The proposed new alternative to the Common Application is half-baked. At best. Photo credit: Derrick Smith.

Yesterday, we wrote about the new Coalition for Access. Today, we are quoted on the pages of Yale University’s newspaper, “The Yale Daily News,” on this new coalition of universities. This Coalition for Access is a bit convoluted if you ask us. The proposal suggests there will be much more work involved in the admissions process — and beginning in ninth grade — for students, school counselors, and even admissions officers at highly selective colleges (including the eight Ivy League colleges since all eight will be part of this proposed coalition). A coalition that is supposed to promote access and equal opportunity seems, as it is presented, to be making the highly selective college admissions process even more difficult for students who are financially disadvantaged — since these students don’t have access to great college counseling and, frankly, this will create a whole lot more confusing work for the students, too.

As featured in “The Yale Daily News,” “Taylor, Director of Ivy Coach, a New York-based college consulting firm, said the platform will actually discourage students from underprivileged backgrounds from even applying. ‘It’s half-baked at best,’ Taylor said. ‘It’s not even baked. They didn’t even put it in the oven. This is only making the admissions process more complicated and more stressful, which only precludes students who are disadvantaged from applying.’…Parke Muth, an admissions consultant and former dean of admissions at the University of Virginia, echoed Taylor’s claim that the new application portal would make the admissions process more stressful. ..Taylor added that logistically, the Coalition Application would present challenges for admissions officers, since they will be taking on additional work in responding to students and advising them on their applications.”

That’s right. These colleges don’t seem to have even put this proposal in the oven. Have they at least pre-heated the oven? We find that’s important. Students can get salmonella poisoning from this proposal! Ok, maybe not. But it is half-baked at best. We suggest these schools give it a second look. It may make for a shiny new press release but, in our humble opinion, it doesn’t make a whole lot of logical sense. Not one bit.


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