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Need blind admissions is a farce. You heard it here first.

Many universities — including the highly selective universities — profess to be “need blind.” That essentially means that they don’t take whether or not you can pay your tuition into account when deciding on whether or not you’re going to be admitted. But do you really believe that’s the case? Do you really believe that a university doesn’t take money into account at all when deciding on who will and won’t be a member of their incoming class? Do universities really think the general public is this naive?

The fact is that if a university were to admit a class in which every single student needed financial aid to cover the high cost of tuition, that university wouldn’t be in business for very long. It’s as simple as that. If every student needed full financial aid, they’d be digging deep into their endowments. Do you think universities would want to do this? Of course not? So how do universities avoid selecting incoming classes in which every single student requires financial aid? They certainly don’t do admissions blindly. Need blind admissions is nice in theory but, in actuality, it’s a farce.

You heard it here first. Need blind admissions is a farce. It sounds good. It makes universities sound good. It makes them sound fair and equal. But they’re not. And they should be honest about it. It’s time for someone at a highly selective university to come forward and speak the truth about need blind admissions. Seriously. It’s time. No more of this nonsense. The financials just wouldn’t make sense. If they’re not willing to come forward and explain how need blind admissions is a farce, maybe they can at least try and outline the math for us. Because the math just doesn’t add up.


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