Need Blind Admissions Is a Lie

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We’re ready to take the flack from our friends in admissions offices on our stance on need blind admissions. Bring it. We know we’re right. And, deep down, so do you.

Our Founder, Bev Taylor, has an article up today on “The Huffington Post” entitled “Need Blind Admissions Is a Lie.” It sure is. We figured we’d share this piece with our loyal readers so that they can gain a better understanding of why they shouldn’t buy the notion that colleges don’t consider your ability to pay when choosing who to admit and who to deny. Because they sure do no matter what they may tell you, no matter what you may read, no matter who says what Bev wrote is wrong. It’s not wrong.

If you don’t feel like reading the whole piece but want a key takeaway, ask yourself this: Can college admissions officers see if a student needs aid when evaluating an application? The answer to that is yes. By this answer alone, this means that colleges are not “need blind” even if they insist otherwise. If they’re blind, it shouldn’t be on the Common Application! The Common App. literally asks students if they need financial aid. The Common App. also asks if you need a fee waiver for the application. Those who need a fee waiver usually need financial aid. It’s not exactly detective work here.

Do you believe that need blind admission is for real? Do you believe it’s a lie? Did Bev’s article sway you one way or the other on the subject? We’re curious to hear your thoughts and analysis. So be sure to post a Comment below on the topic of need blind admissions at highly selective colleges across America. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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