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April 4, 2014

Need Blind Admission is a Farce

Yes, need blind admission is a farce. Much like Santa Claus (photo credit: chensiyuan).

Yes, you read that correctly. Need blind admission is a farce. A total, absolute farce. We’ve been saying it for years but we’ll say it again because you’d be amazed how many parents call us and ask, “Do you think the fact that I checked that my daughter needs financial aid but we probably don’t hurt her candidacy?” The answer is an absolute, resounding, “Yes!” Students of Ivy Coach would never make this mistake because they know that need blind admission is as true and real as Santa Claus.

If you don’t believe us and are thinking to yourselves, “But how can colleges get away with lying like that,” approach the question from a logical perspective. That’s always the good approach. Consider this: If a college were need blind, then theoretically they could admit a class in which 95% of students need financial aid. If 95% of an incoming class needed financial aid, that college would be in major trouble. Colleges need tuition. That’s why colleges charge such hefty fees. They need it to sustain all that they do — for the new libraries, for landing the top professor of urban geography, and for that brand new football stadium in the works. If colleges didn’t have enough students paying tuition, they’d have to dip into their endowments and no college — no college — wants to dip into their endowment.

That’s really all there is to it. If you think that your checking that you need financial aid didn’t hurt your daughter’s case for admission to a highly selective college, your naiveté is sweet but, in the end, it’s just that — naiveté. We’re sorry to break this news to you but one of the chief purposes of our college admissions blog is to keep highly selective colleges honest, debunk myths related to college admissions, and correct misconceptions. Need blind admissions is a myth. An absolute myth.

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