NCAA Tourney and Admissions Stats

As you may know as a regular reader of our college admissions blog, when a university advances far in the NCAA Tournament, the school’s admissions statistics are impacted the subsequent year. Duke is a good example of this phenomenon. When Duke reaches the Final Four or beyond, more students will apply to the university in Durham, North Carolina. So which highly selective universities remain in March Madness today? The Duke University Blue Devils have qualified for the Sweet Sixteen. And so has the University of Michigan. Wouldn’t it be great for these quality schools to face off like they did when Chris Webber, Juwon Howard, and Jalen Rose challenged Grant Hill, Christian Laettner, and Bobby Hurley? As Grant Hill likes to point out, the Wolverines never walked away with a victory over the Blue Devils.

Duke and Michigan are really the only highly selective schools that have qualified for the Sweet Sixteen this year (sorry, but Syracuse and Indiana just aren’t on the same level as Duke). So as the application figures come out next year at the University of Michigan and Duke University next year, think back to what we’re telling you now. If you’re a current high school junior who has always dreamed of attending Duke, you should probably be rooting for them to go out in the Round of Sixteen. It might be fun to root for your dream school to advance all the way to the title game, but if you want to improve your odds of admission, root for their competitors!

If you get admitted to Duke or Michigan, you’ll have plenty of time to cheer them on. You’ll have plenty of time to go to Cameron Indoor Stadium if you end up at Duke. You’ll have plenty of time to watch the “30 For 30” documentary on the Fab Five over and over again. And, if you’re wondering where we stand on the Grant Hill vs. Jalen Rose controversy over that documentary, we stand strongly with Grant Hill. Of all the players in the major professional sports, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better role model than the former Duke standout.


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