Narrative Violations in College Admissions

Narrative Violations, Violate the Narrative, Narrative in Admissions
Our student at Ivy Coach are narrative violations. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

There was a piece yesterday in The New York Times on a favorite new term among venture capitalists: narrative violations. So what exactly is a narrative violation? A narrative violation, as according to our friend Geoff Lewis who is cited in the piece and largely credited with popularizing the term, is defined as “promising companies that are overlooked or underestimated because they are incongruent with popular narratives.” But, Ivy Coach, how on earth does this relate to highly selective college admissions? Oh, pipe down readers. We shall explain.

The Narrative in Highly Selective College Admissions is Monotony

Our students at Ivy Coach do not present to admissions officers like other applicants — no matter how competitive the applicant pool. They are not well-rounded students who excel in sports, in music, in community service. They are not students who do tons and tons of activities in the hopes of impressing admissions officers. They do not attend fancy schmancy summer enrichment programs — that’s expected and popular. They are typically not captains of their school debate teams while also presidents of their student bodies and decent, though not outstanding center-midfielders on their high school soccer teams. No. Our students’ narratives are incongruent with the narratives of other applicants. Our students at Ivy Coach are narrative violations.

Ivy Coach’s Students Proudly Defy the Narrative

Our students at Ivy Coach showcase a singular hook. Our students dare admissions officers not to admit young people who are going to change the world in a singular, often small but important way — a way that many who just don’t get the highly selective college admissions process may choose to underestimate. Our students are the outliers. As admissions officers comb through hundreds and hundreds of files, our students are the ones who inspire them to breathe in a breath of fresh air, to take a second and reflect. Our students invigorate them. Our students wow them. Our students dare them to say no, dare them to pass on a student who is going to make that university so very proud in the years ahead. Our students violate the narrative and that narrative — in highly selective college admissions — is sameness. It’s boringness. Our students at Ivy Coach are proudly narrative violations.


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